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FAQs - e-Generation

How to create your own Powered Social Network

First, you need to create your site here,


you need to visit Settings » BuddyPress page to configure plugin settings.

BuddyPress Settings

The settings page is divided into different sections. You’ll first see the components page which shows you currently active BuddyPress components on your site.

The default components would work for most websites. However, you can activate or deactivate a component by simply checking and unchecking the box next to it.

Don’t forget to click on the save settings button to store your changes.

Next, you need to click on the Pages tab. Here you can select the pages you would like to use for different BuddyPress sections on your site.

By default, the plugin will automatically create pages for you. You can change them and use a different page if you want.

Setting up pages

If you don’t see the option to select registration and activation pages, then you need to enable user registration on your WordPress site.

Now, you will need to switch to the ‘Options’ tab.

BuddyPress options

Here you will find different settings that you can turn on/off in BuddyPress. The default settings will work for most websites, but you can review and change them as needed.

Displaying BuddyPress Pages on Your Website

If you visit your website after setting up BuddyPress, you’ll not see anything new added to your site. To change this, you need to add BuddyPress pages to your WordPress navigation menu.

Head over to Appearance » Menus page. Select the BuddyPress pages from the left column and click on add to menu button.

BuddyPress navigation

Don’t forget to click on the save menu button to store your changes.

You can now visit your website


Managing Your WordPress Social Network in BuddyPress

Building an online community requires a lot of active participation by the site admins. You would want to combat spam and moderate user generated content.

If you are already using Akismet, then BuddyPress will use it to catch spam. However, some unwanted content may still slip away.

BuddyPress comes with built-in tools to deal with that.

Head over to the Activity page in your WordPress admin area, and you will see recent activity on your website with different actions.

Managing user activity in BuddyPress

You can sort the activity items by action, delete items, or mark them as spam.

Similarly, you can go to Users page to manage user accounts. You can delete users, edit their profiles, or mark suspicious accounts as spam.

Managing user accounts

You can manage new users by visiting the manage signups page. This allows you to directly activate new users, resend them activation email, or delete spam accounts.

Manage new signups

Creating and Managing Groups in BuddyPress

BuddyPress allows you and your users to create groups. These groups act as sub-communities on your website. Each group can have it’s own members and activity streams. Users can join these groups, invite other users, post messages, and more.

To create a new group, you can head over to the Groups page and click on the add new button at the top.

Add new group

This will bring you to the add new group page. First you need to provide a name and description for your group. After that, click on the ‘Create group and continue’ button to proceed.

Creating a new group in BuddyPress

On the next page, you can select group’s privacy settings and who can invite other users to the group. BuddyPress allows you to create public, private, and hidden groups.

Group privacy settings

Public groups are available for all users to join.

Private groups are listed in the groups directory, but users will have to request to join. If approved, then then they will be able to view its contents.

Hidden groups can only be seen by members who are part of the group. These groups are not listed in the groups directory, and they do not appear in search results.

After setting up privacy options, click on the next button to continue.

Now you can provide a photo to be used as group’s profile photo.

Profile photo for the group

Next, you need to add a cover photo for the group and click on the next button.

Lastly, you can invite other users to join the group. You can only invite users you’ve added as friends. If you haven’t added any friends yet, then you will have to wait for users to discover the group and join it on their own.

Invite users to join group

Click on the finish button and BuddyPress will now setup your group.

Users can view groups by visiting the groups page on your site which shows the directory of groups on your website.

Groups directory

Clicking on a group name will show the group’s page where users can join a group, post updates, and follow group activity.

Group page

Managing Email Notifications

Email notifications are the only way your BuddyPress site can alert users about new activity in their social stream. To encourage user participation, you may want to customize those email messages.

BuddyPress allows you to modify email notifications sent by your WordPress social network. This helps you change the messages to match your site’s branding and tone.

You can visit the Emails page to see the list of default email notifications. You will see the email title, and the situation when the email is sent to a user.

Edit email notifications in BuddyPress

You can click on the Add New button at the top to create a new email notification. You can also click on the edit button below an email message to change it.

Editing email notifications

Lastly, you can also use the email customizer to modify the email colors, header, and footer areas.

Customize emails



How to Sell AliExpress product with your own online store without without pay a penny?

Step 1: create your online store ,http://www.egeneration.me/ is a free platform for you to create your one line store,open http://www.egeneration.me/, click Get Started,

then input your e-mail and username,password will show at your account activation page

Click “Next” ,then choose your online store sub-domain and website language, and then click “Next”, DONE, very easy, right?

then check your e-mail and click activation link。

after activation,then you can login

after login,it will let you to setup your WooCommerce,just follow the step。

after setup ,then choose a theme for your store,

live your theme, your online store is ready for use。

Step 2,create your Ezusy free account and install Ezusy Chrome plugin,Goto  https://www.ezusy.com/,click “Create an account”, then click “register now” at Free plan

enter your username, e-mail and password,  click “submit and confirm”,your account will be ready for use. then download Chrome Ezusy extension,Click this link to install Ezusy Google Chrome extension,

Step 3,this step is link the two account, login to Ezusy and goto Dashboard,then click “Settings” tab. then paste your website link and click “Connect”,

it will let you login to your store,and need your permission to Approve it。after Approve, the account linked。

Step 4,browse AliExpress to add your lovely products,your can add it at product list page

or product detail page

after added,then back to Ezusy Dashboard,then push your product to your store。This is last step,but is a important step。


then everything is done, now you have your online store and products.

Everything is free, right?



首先是创建自己的网店,http://www.egeneration.me/是一个自媒体,自贸体和自创体3体合一的免费平台,打开 http://www.egeneration.me/,点击Get Started,如下图









第二步,创建Ezusy免费用户及安装Ezusy Chrome插件,到 https://www.ezusy.com/,点击Create an account,然后在免费用户框里选择注册,如下图

输入用户名,邮箱及密码就可以了,然后是下载Chrome Ezusy插件,点击这个链接来安装Ezusy Google Chrome extension,如下图

第三步,前面2步已经把账号都建立起来了,下面就是把他们链接起来,进入Ezusy控制中心,然后点击Settings tab. 然后就把你的网店网址填入,然后点击连接,