How to Sell AliExpress product with your own online store without without pay a penny?

Step 1: create your online store , is a free platform for you to create your one line store,open, click Get Started,

then input your e-mail and username,password will show at your account activation page

Click “Next” ,then choose your online store sub-domain and website language, and then click “Next”, DONE, very easy, right?

then check your e-mail and click activation link。

after activation,then you can login

after login,it will let you to setup your WooCommerce,just follow the step。

after setup ,then choose a theme for your store,

live your theme, your online store is ready for use。

Step 2,create your Ezusy free account and install Ezusy Chrome plugin,Goto,click “Create an account”, then click “register now” at Free plan

enter your username, e-mail and password,  click “submit and confirm”,your account will be ready for use. then download Chrome Ezusy extension,Click this link to install Ezusy Google Chrome extension,

Step 3,this step is link the two account, login to Ezusy and goto Dashboard,then click “Settings” tab. then paste your website link and click “Connect”,

it will let you login to your store,and need your permission to Approve it。after Approve, the account linked。

Step 4,browse AliExpress to add your lovely products,your can add it at product list page

or product detail page

after added,then back to Ezusy Dashboard,then push your product to your store。This is last step,but is a important step。


then everything is done, now you have your online store and products.

Everything is free, right?

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